Support Measures for Businesses and Individuals during Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Support Measures of the Federal State

general assembly on November 17, 2021

The Belgian Court of Audit examined how the governments of the Federal State and federated entities in Belgium developed socio-economic support measures in response to the COVID-19 crisis, how the regulatory framework and the verification of the correct allocation of support were organised and how the measures were monitored and evaluated. For that purpose, the Court drew up an interactive online inventory of all said measures, which is available at The findings, conclusions and recommendations are presented in separate reports respectively addressed to the Chamber of Representatives (federal measures) or the parliaments of the federated entities. The Court’s audit shows that during the coronavirus crisis in 2020, the Federal, Community and Regional governments took a total of 433 socio-economic measures to support businesses, self-employed and individuals for an estimated amount of 24.12 billion euro (+ 3.22 billion euro for the most significant measures introduced in the first half of 2021). As it appears too, there should be more coordination between all levels of government and better exchange of information. Furthermore, the support measures should be better monitored and evaluated so as to be adjusted if need be. Finally, the reports contain specific findings and recommendations per level of government.