Vision and values

Mission statement

In its mission statement (available in French or in Dutch), the Court of Audit presents its vision, the values underlying its activities and the strategies it develops so as to help improving public management by means of its reviews and assessments of public policies.

Deontological Code

In its deontological code (available in French or in Dutch), the Court of Audit presents the values and principles that guide and support the actions of the members of the Court, its staff and all contractually bound persons who contribute to the realisation of its missions: integrity, independence and impartiality, competence, professional conduct and, finally, confidentiality and transparency.

A college of deontology, consisting of councillors and staff members, is responsible for issuing opinions and recommendations on the application and interpretation of the deontological code. Its organisation and operation are set out in the internal rules of procedure (available in Dutch or in French).

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